Independent salt suppliers

Your search for reliable salt suppliers ends with Industrial Salt Supplies, Hull. We supply a wide variety of superior quality salts nationwide.

Tablet Salt

At Industrial Salt Supplies, you can trust us to supply you with tablet salt for an effective water softening solution.

Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium. This causes scale deposits on the inner surface of pipes, dishwashers, water heaters and industrial machinery. This deposition reduces the flow of water and your pipes become completely clogged over time. Salt is used to soften the water during a process called ion exchange. Soft water reduces scaling in machinery and helps improve the efficiency of hot water systems.

Hard Water Made Soft

  • Suitable for all water softeners.
  • We can provide salt in either tablet or granulated form
  • Available in 10kg or 25kg bags. A pallet of 10kg bags comprises 110 bags, A pallet of 25kg bags comprises 49 bags.
  • Suitable for hard water areas.
  • Nationwide delivery service.
  • Top-quality salt at competitive prices.