At Industrial Salt Supplies, we provide a wide range of PDV salt throughout the UK.

What Is PUre Dried Vacuum (PDV) Salt?

Pure Dried Vacuum (PDV) salt is a high purity, free flowing salt manufactured by evaporating purified brine under vacuum before being dried and packed or loaded for delivery.

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It is suitable for a wide range of general applications but most commonly:

  • Food production
  • Chemical processes
  • Industrial processes
  • Water Treatment
  • Animal by-products: hide and skin
  • Animal Feed
  • Pond treatment – used for general fish health and to help fish recover from illnesses.
    • Reduces the toxicity of nitrate levels present in the water
    • When added to the pond in colder winter months the PDV salt helps to form a layer to protect the fish below.

Available in 12.5kg and 25kg bags.

When buying in palletised quantities, one pallet of 12.5kg bags is 80 bags.

If buying one pallet of 25kg bags, there are 49 bags.

PDV Salts for Industrial Usage – Buy the Best Quality 

PDV salts are a form of industrial salt, an important raw material required in different industries. It is an extremely pure form of salt with sodium chloride content. For the best quality PDV salt, contact Industrial Salt Supplies

We supply white, free-flowing salt, which is manufactured under high specifications. Our PDV salts are used for various food production and other applications. You can get PDV salts with low sulphate, moisture, and bromine levels to ensure they are chemically pure. 

What are the common properties of PDV salt?

At Industrial Salt Supplies, we cater to the needs of various industries, varying from food, chemical, and agriculture to water softening industries. Here are a few common properties of PDV salt that we manufacture. 

  • We manufacture PDV salts with a high purity level containing 99.9% sodium chloride.
  • Our PDV salts are fine and granulated in texture, which helps in easy and uniform dissolution into different forms of liquids.
  • We ensure that the salt’s moisture content is low, which is essential for final products.
  • Our PDV salts are colourless and odourless, which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. 
  • PDV salts are free-flowing and are preferred by different industries as they do not stick or clump together.

For the best quality PDV salts, contact us and get an instant supply for different industrial applications.