The purity value of industrial salts is lower compared to the edible salts. For edibility, the salts are refined or iodized. On the contrary, industrial salts do not undergo such a process. So, in simple words, when you orally consume edible salts, you can be sure of 99% purity. 

Industrial salt is made from rock salt or vacuum salt and is mainly used commercially. Most industrial rock salts are generally used in metal processing, detergent processing, food processing, and swimming pool infiltration systems. There are different industrial salts, among which tablet, granular, rock, and PDV salts are important variants.

Different types of industrial salts

Tablet salt 

Tablet salts are commonly used for softening the hard water variants. Generally, hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium. Tablet salts are also used inside the water softener plants to improve performance. The magnesium and calcium in the hard water get deposited on the surface of the pipes, water heaters, dishwashers and industrial machinery. When the same gets deposited continuously, it reduces the water flow and pressure. Tablet salts are effective in getting rid of the hardness of the water. 

Granular salt 

Granular salts are rounded in shape and produced from individual salt crystals. Granular salts, like tablet salts, are used in domestic and commercial water tanks. Tablet salts are used in water softeners, while granular salts are used in swimming pools and tanks to soften the water. Unlike tablet salts, granular salts are most suited for large-scale commercial and domestic applications. 

PDV salt 

This is an alternative to ground rock salt. They are generally fine granular in texture and white in colour. PDV salts are refined to remove the traces of minor impurities that might be present in the same. PDV salt is a type of industrial salt which is used for fabric dyeing services. Apart from that, PDV is a common type of salt used in food production and processing industries, chemical processes, industrial processes, ponds, and treatment. 

Rock salt is the most common form of industrial salt used for de-icing drives, walkways, snow and ice removal, and weed-killing options. Rock salt is the common name for halite. The salt is derived from a mineral and not a rock. 

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