Tablet salt, commonly known as compressed salt, is available in small, hard blocks. It is generally used as a water softener agent in residential premises. However, its benefits extend far beyond the kitchen. Along with culinary uses, tablet salt is used in the chemical industry, medical and pharmaceutical industry, water treatment industry, and deicing purposes. 

For their versatility, tablet salts are a common choice in different industries, which require immense amounts of salt supplies. 

Industrial benefits of tablet salt

Tablet salts are easy to handle and store as they come in blocks or compact forms. Industries can easily store chunks of tablet salt in the warehouse and use them as per requirement. Moreover, because of their solubility, tablet salt is more efficient compared to other types of industrial salt. Tablet salt dissolves slowly and evenly in water; it is suitable for the water-softening process. 

It is a cost-effective option and it doesn’t get wasted while industries use it. Another major benefit of tablet salt is that it is packed properly in recyclable containers, which reduces its environmental impact. 

Uses of tablet salt in different industries 

Chemical industry

In the chemical industries, tablet salt is a primary component used for producing chlorine and caustic soda through electrolysis. These chemicals are important for different product manufacturing processes, such as plastic, paper, and glass manufacturing. Tablet salt is considered a key component by glass-making companies. 

Medical and pharmaceutical industry 

Tablet salt is an important component in the healthcare industry because it is used in saline solutions. The salt’s osmotic property helps maintain electrolyte balance in the patient’s body. It is used during intravenous therapies, nasal irrigation, and wound cleaning. 

Water treatment plants 

Tablet salts are commonly used in water treatment plants to soften water. Hard water contains huge amounts of calcium and magnesium, which might build up in the pipes over time. The addition of tablet salt helps to remove these minerals and improves the water quality. 

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