Introduction to PDV Microfine Salt:

Professional-grade food manufacturers, specifically snacks and additional flavouring manufacturers, require pure salt. These are produced from vacuum technology, are easy to apply and have an extra fine granulometry. This salt is different from regular PDV salts and is known as PDV Microfine salt.

More About PDV Microfine Salt:

The regular PDV salt is generally marketed with a granulometry of 0.600 to 1.000 mm. However, for PDV Microfine salt, the granulometry ranges below 0.250mm. This comes with multiple benefits compared to regular salt. Some are pointed out below:

  • The flavour of the food is greatly improved, as it offers equal distribution
  • As this salt is finer than common vacuum salt, it enhances the texture of the final manufactured product
  • The finer PDV salt is also a great preservative and can be used for seasoning food products
  • This salt enables a better application process. As a result, the time for producing the food product gets shortened

Industrial Usage of PDV Microfine Salt:

Regarding industrial applications, PDV Microfine salt can be found everywhere. However, if we consider specifications, it is primarily used in two kinds of industries in the food manufacturing sector:

  • Snacks Manufacturer: The microfine salt is distributed correctly on the entire surface of a snack. As a result, it enhances the product’s flavour.
  • Flavourings Manufacturer: The taste and smell of any food product can be improved by microfine salt. It is a high-quality, fine salt product that determines the finished product’s flavour.

These are vital information you need to know about PDV Microfine salt. You can contact a professional source, like Industrial Salt Supplies Ltd, to source the salt for your industrial use. We are a family-owned business offering high-quality PDV salts for various industrial applications. For more information, you can visit our website today.