Industrial salts are unsung heroes and are used for countless industrial purposes. Pdv or pure dried vacuum salts are in demand among different industries. This salt is processed efficiently so that you receive the purified version. It is an alternative to ground rock salt and is used commonly for chemical processes and in the food processing industry. 

Among the different types of industrial salts, pdv salts have several undeniable benefits. Read on and explore why PDV salts are a game changer for industrial processing. 

Pdv salts – a boon for the industrial processes 

It is a pure version of industrial salt

Unlike rock-mined rock salt, which contains impurities, the production process of pdv salts ensures complete purity. The raw salt undergoes a meticulous evaporation process using a vacuum. The final result is the production of a pure and consistent form of industrial salt. During this process, the impurities are removed from the salt. 

Used in the chemical industry 

Pdv salts serve as a foundation mineral for the majority of chemical processes and are, hence, a popular industrial salt in demand among all companies operating in the chemical industry. Since there are practically no impurities present in this salt, there are no unwanted chemical reactions. Using pdv salts ensures a consistent and efficient chemical production process. 

Important component for food processing

Pdv salts are a major component of industrial processes and an important mineral in high demand within the food processing industry. They are highly soluble in nature, so using them becomes easier as they rapidly dissolve in other ingredients. This leads to a consistent addition of flavour and texture to cuisines. 

Customisation options

Pdv salts are available in different grain sizes. Hence, depending on the industry’s needs, you can get pdv salt supplies. For instance, finer grain size is a feasible choice for companies operating in the chemical industry. 

Rapid integration process

PDV salts dissolve instantly, making them a feasible choice for operations where fast and instant salt incorporation is necessary. Hence, industries that require fast salt incorporation for processing prefer using PDV salts. 

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