In various industries, you can find the wide usage of industrial-grade salt. However, the composition of such salts does not differ from the regular ones we use as food. However, when it comes to use, they show various dissimilarities.

The Importance of PDV Salts:

Among the different kinds of industrial salt, PDV or Pure Dried Vacuum Salt is one of the most common variants. You can find them widely in different industries. These are often used in food industries, so the salt is produced in food-grade quality.

The Multiple Industrial Uses of PDV Salt?

When it comes to using PDV Salt, there are various sectors that utilise this material. We discuss more about this in the following part of the blog.

  • Mud Drilling: While drilling an oil well, the driller has to go through rock salt strata. A saturated brine is mixed with the drilling fluid. This helps preserve the core of the machinery intact. The mud formulas sometimes contain starch. With the help of fermentation, this process can be prevented. The process is generated with the PDV Salt.
  • Food Processing Industry: In the food industry, from the stage of sanitation to production, the major problem is rust. However, you can mitigate this problem by using PDV Salt. It is manufactured with special alloy equipment. The metal content of this industrial salt is very low compared to others. As a result, using PDV Salt in food processing does not rob the food item of its natural properties.
  • Water Treatment Industry: Water undergoes certain treatment procedures, from sourcing water from a pond or reservoir to delivering it through a tap. With the use of PDV Salt, you can remove the ions, which is the primary cause of water hardness.
  • Chemical Industry: Along with the food processing and water treatment industries, PDV Salt is used in various chemical industries, too. It can detect direct and indirect chemical uses as a raw material. Hence, you can find it to be a popular agent in various chemical manufacturing industries.

These are a few popular uses of Pure Dried Vacuum (PDV) Salt. You can receive a food-grade solution from a trusted source like Industrial Salt Supplies. We are a family-run business who have been providing this salt to various industries for the last four decades. We are primarily located in Hull, but our supply network is established around a wide area. For more information, you can visit our website today.